List of errors during a domain name transfer

Here is a list of problems that occur during transfers and their solutions.

^ Error message ^ Solution ^

2001: Command syntax error (503 Invalid Parameter: X-… Something is missing that we need in order to create the new contact handle. You will need to contact our customer service team in order to give them the missing parameter
2005:Parameter value syntax error (DomainAuthInfoType: range (6-16)) The authorization code that is needed for the transfer was incorrect or missing
2304 : Object status prohibits operation The domain is not in a state at the current registrar that will allow the domain to be transferred. Either it is already being transferred or its status is blocking the transfer. You will need to see with the current provider to unblock it.
2304 : Object status prohibits operation (552 DOMAIN ALREADY EXISTS - PLEASE TRY USERTRANSFER) The domain is already at Gandi - you probably launched a transfer instead of a renewal/restoration or owner change
2306 : Parameter value policy error… The reason is frequently given in the rest of the error message. It is frequently a parameter that is missing for one of the contacts provided or a special code that needs to be given to Gandi to unblock it (ex. for special reserved .FR domains)
2306 : Parameter value policy error for contact XXX-GANDI ('siren' element value seems to be syntactically incorrect according AFNIC rules) It is missing the SIREN number for the owner or administrative contact of the domain name.
2306 : Parameter value policy error (registrant seems to be the same) In this case, you have requested an owner change, though the new and the current owners are the same. Please contact our customer service team to unblock the situation.
2308 : Data management policy violation (domain [XXX] has invalid status (serverTransferprohibited)) The domain is not in a status at the current provider that will allow transfer. You will need to contact your current provider to unblock the domain.
2400 : Command failed (549 Command failed; Domain is managed by XXX The domain name is reserved or managed directly by the registry. You will need to contact our support team.
2400 : Command failed (admin contact is not located in a French territory) The administrative contact is not in France.
2400 : Command failed (541 Invalid attribute value; INVALID CONTACT [OWNERCONTACT (Missing required attribute; This field can only be used for a street name. (PO boxes are not allowed.))]) In the case of .nl domains, this error can be caused by using “Postbus” in the address. The registry does not allow the address to be a “Postbus” number. Change your street address on your handle to a physical location other than a Postbus.
Transfer Prohibited from Whois Extract : status: CLIENT-TRANSFER-PROHIBITED The domain name's status at the current provider prohibits transfer. You will need to contact your current provider in order to unblock the domain.
Transfer has not been requested at registrar This error concerns extensions for which you must contact your current provider in order to “push” the domain name to Gandi's “TAG”, which is GANDI
Transfer Refused by Registry The registry refused your transfer. This is because the domain's owner did not accept the confirmation mail that the registry (ex. EURID, AFNIC…) sent. Not to be confused with the confirmation mail that Gandi sent before that one. You can relaunch the transfer from your orders in progress page, then be sure to accept all the confirmation mails sent by both Gandi and the Registry to the domain's registrant (owner) email address visible in the whois.
Transfer Refused by Registrar Your current registrar refused the transfer for reasons of their own. Please contact your current registrar and ask them to allow the transfer to go through. Then relaunch the transfer from your orders in progress page at Gandi.
Generic error 2014 If you have this for a .be domain name (owner change or for a trade) it is because the domain has the transfer protection enabled. Disable it and relaunch the transfer.
Max waiting duration for owner responses (6 days) reached Two separate authorization requests are sent via email for a given transfer; this message means that one or both were not confirmed within six days. Relaunch the transfer from your “Orders in Progress” page and try again (check your spam folder if you don't receive both emails).
registry_error: Registry error - 2003 : Required parameter missing Your new dns are likely missing glue records at the registry
Error This value does not exist” when the customer tries to update the authcode. You can not currently add or modify the auth code if the operation is failed for a reason other than the wrong auth code (such as one of the confirmation mails was not accepted in time). You need to contact customer care in this case and tell them your auth code.



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